Where is the data stored?

CIP partners with a true channel friendly IaaS provider, Artisan Infrastructure

How much does the service cost and does it matter how users the client has?

The cost is $12/per client company/month regardless of how many users are in each company.

Can CIP be private labeled?

Yes, it’s just a one-time fee of $250 to set-up your brand in our system.

What is the relationship between MSPmentor (Penton Media) and CIP?

Penton Media has partnered with CIP to provide a better experience for those who participate in the premier MSP survey and ranking service (MSPmentor 501).

What if my client has an application you don’t have an existing connector for?

Please send an email to sales@clarityintelplatform.com and request the application you would like included in our CIP portfolio of applications.

Do I have to use all three categories for every client (Finance, Sales/Marketing/IT Operations)?

No, you as the MSP can select any category you want to for each client. You select the modules you want for each client in the provisioning process.

How long does it take to provision a single client on CIP?

If you have all the client information required, the process takes about 15 minutes per client.

What is the contract term?

No long term contracts. Every client you put on the platform is month to month. You only pay for the number of clients you have on the platform each month.

What should I charge my client for this service?

That is completely up to you. You will only be charged $12/client/month. Some MSPs say they will just bundle it into their monthly recurring charge and make up the cost through better client retention. Other MSPs say they will charge as high as an additional $250/month for the service.