Clarity Intelligence Platform provides an array of important benefits and advantages that every service provider seeks:

Sales tool

Imagine competing against another provider, you provide the prospect with access to better information about their business and the other provider is just providing a standard managed service package….guess who wins??? In addition, what if you’re having a difficult time selling your full managed service bundle to a prospect? CIP allows you to offer them a valuable, but inexpensive wedge product. Perhaps they’re happy with their existing MSP, but you can offer them an automated business intelligence service, not offered by their existing provider. You start the relationship with CIP and a monthly business review and before you know it, you are their trusted advisor and you put yourself in a better position to win all of their business.

Retention tool

There is more competition in the marketplace than ever before, other providers are calling your existing clients on a daily basis in an attempt to win their business. However, if you are able to provide your clients with meaningful metrics about their business and show them how they stack up against their competition, you put yourself in a much better position to retain the client for the long term.

Business Reviews

Most service providers aspire to consistently deliver monthly or quarterly business reviews to their recurring revenue clients. But, often times the information gets stale and clients no longer see the value in the reviews. Let’s be honest, there are only so many times clients want to hear about patch levels and the number of viruses/malware detected. However, with CIP you can consistently deliver information that is important to your clients. Every client wants to know how their business is progressing year over year/month over month in a multitude of categories and they certainly want to know how they stack up to their competition.