Clarity Intelligence Platform is made for MSPs by MSPs. Everyone involved with CIP knows the challenges of operating a managed service provider. CIP is specifically made for service providers who want to build more value into their client relationships.

SMBs are moving away from on premises computing environments in favor of SaaS solutions offered by direct software companies. MSPs must find new ways to add value for their clients. MSPs are trusted advisors to SMBs, but their margins are being squeezed as a result of the cloud movement. Clarity Intelligence Platform (CIP) provides MSPs the ability to deliver automated Business Intelligence (BI) to their clients, making them more valuable to their client base while increasing recurring revenue.

While the BI industry has caught fire in the enterprise space, the SMB market has been primarily ignored. BI platforms on the market today are "self-service". Small businesses want better intelligence, but most can’t expend the resources (people) needed to aggregate information through a "self-service" BI platform. Through CIP and our MSP model, the SMB will have essential BI - about their own business as well as like local and national businesses - at their fingertips without lifting a finger.